Monday, October 27, 2008

Wow it's been a crazy few days. Sunday was my day to serve and after church at 12:30 we did the swap a baby for an Isaac at grandpa's house... Then got home in time to put Ari down for a nice nap and have Norah picked up by Auntie to spend the afternoon with Jona (she woke that morning telling dad she was crying bc she missed her Jona) how cute is that. I proceeded to eat lunch then go outside in some CRAZY weather and rake about 2inchs of leaves off the grass....then came in cleaned up a house played with a baby then off to walk with my girl Andrea. After that i pick up my eldest nephew who on the way home tells me "ya know aunt Janet when Ari's 15 I'll be 30" I about freaked out told him to hush up, not only would he possibly be married with kids but also i would be soooooooo old. Get to my sisters at 6:45pm. Home by 7:30ish. Today was a typical Monday except that i had to do some more winterizing and get the front entrance ready for a canine guest that's going to be coming from my work to stay with us until Friday or sat.... He had major bladder surgery and needs to have a close eye kept on him and I'm just thankful to my mother in law for letting him come here vs. having to go over there 2-3x a day. Now it's just figuring out the morning routine with adding another dog that can't as of yet go out to potty with Miss Squirlie....aka Pearl. Have a good night all time to watch "Chuck" and "Heros"
The little man's new sleep sac's came today*YEAH* and there is lots of room to grow!!

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