Friday, October 31, 2008


Hi, thought I'd check in real quick. It's been a LOOOOOOOOOONG week. My house guest is a peeing/pooping machine. I feel like all I've done is do laundry, i have to change the little guys wet towels 4x a day and not to mention that during the night at least he's been pooing on them. The urination is to be expected but the poo................

On top of that i have finally taken Norah to the doctor because of her cough(that she's had for about 2.5weeks) and i turns out that she has cough-variant asthma......(cough induced asthma)unlike the normal kind with the wheezing/tight chest/shortness of breath they just have a cough. So we now own an inhaler with a spacer that we need to 2x a day. I'm hoping that this will not be a regular thing, the last time we had a problem like this she was 7months old i think (makes sense though that when she's running now it always makes the cough worse).I read up on it and aside from allergy's being a trigger cold air can also trigger it. FUN FUN We are suppost to do it every day for at least a week if not 2. We also were given different allergy meds. The Doc we saw yesterday didn't like what she was on due to her age. I hope this one works just as well and that it can keep the allergy's down w/out needing the inhaler.

Well that's all for now, gotta go pick up the house, do more LAUNDRY and get ready for Halloween:)

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