Saturday, October 18, 2008


It amazes me how tired you can be and still somehow keep on going.
Let me start with last night, i was so tired that when i went to bed last night at 10pm i think i was asleep w/in 5min. only to wake up at 10:45 and not fall back asleep until....well it was after 11:30 anyway. Then at 1 i wake up to a baby talking away. I wasn't going in there unless he started crying, well the little guy talked to himself for at least 25min. and FINALLY fell back to sleep only to wake up at 3 and after about 20more minutes of talking to himself i went in and yup had to flip a baby over and recover with must have blanket(he likes to smother himself and eat the thing) back to bed i go and he falls asleep. 5:30 yup he is TALKING again and I'm not a happy mom!! 5:40 forget it i get up and go in and flip a baby and cover again!!!!! 7am the good ol' alarm goes off, i hit snooze..................13min. later up and time to wake a baby to start the stinkin day!!!!!!!
Isaac has his run for funds race/walk this morning for school it's at 9am sharp, yippie!!!! Well i am planning on just me and Isaac going but miss had to tag along too. Well let me tell ya Isaac ROCKS! the dude ran 12laps(each is 1/4mile) he did a total of 3miles in 1hr. WAY TO GO ISAAC!! He made a bunch of money for school, i was so proud.
We get home @ 11. ARi needs a bottle and lunch then off we go at noon to my friend Laura's house for me to go out into the field and get myself some rocks. I got enough med.big sized ones to cover the floor space of the entire van and decided to call it good, i did after all have to move them again when i got home and then vacuum out the van and at this point i am starting to feel the lack of sleep. I will be needing to go out there again at least 1 more time i want lots and if i can move them i can have them..............................
Home for kids naps and i move some rocks again!!! kids up, play a little do some fun outside play and then dinner time after dinner get a baby to bed at @ 7:15 and time to walk the dog!!!(I don't want to be bothered by ANYTHING/ONE after i lay on the couch) Home from walking dog at just about 8. give bedtime hugs and kisses and nose rubs and downstairs i go to take a quick shower(I'm one dirty girl) Now I'm gonna finish this, post some cute pics from yesterday and Isaac at the race and then the couch and i are going to become one. Have a good night all.......
Oh and a quick "THANK YOU LORD" for keeping my brother in law and my 2 nieces safe this morning. They were on their way to the run and ran over a 2x4 that had nails in it and popped the tires, did a few 360's and ended up flippin the car and ending upside down in a ditch and no one was hurt other than a cut finger......
The little man was sleeping, miss Norah had to get in on the picture and we just told her to pretend.

Look at that guy run............ No he didn't run the whole thing but i took pics of the running.

After the run he was so proud!!!

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Dusty/333 said...

Way to go Isaac!! You look awesome on that track!!