Monday, October 20, 2008

Movin on up...............

The little man is starting to develop at the speed of light! Along with tons of hair(you just need to look close up)and actual viewing of teeth he is now an almost independent sitter.(He does still on occ. nose dive or flop over but is starting to catch himself). He is also on the move via rolling around the room and then pushing himself backwards and in circles. Chris said tonight that gone is the day where you lay him down and leave the room expecting him to be in the same place when you return. He will now be across the room or almost completely under a chair. Now if we could only get him back on track with the sleeping situation. I'm almost at the point of trying anything to get him back to sleeping like he was!!!!! Tonight i am trying the sleep sac thingie.(that he's almost to big for) If this works and he sleeps uninterrupted you know what I'll by buying tomorrow!!!! Cross your fingers and say a prayer folks, I am one exhausted momma.
We have teeth

Check out all that hair

So proud of himself, the boppy is for my peace of mind

He seems to like the sac so far:)

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