Monday, April 18, 2011

This is where the cheerleading comes into play, This is her second try, the first one went in the hole ever so slowly and went out the back, hit the wall came back into the whole and out again. The 2 ladies and myself groaned quite loudly with all that with the oooooooooooo.... By now she's 3 shades of red (probably from embarrassment) and this one went right in and stayed there and all 3 of us ladies instinctively raised our arms up in the "touchdown" pose and shouted something good like WOO HOO, way to go!!
He was trying anyway
How cute are they in their baby blues :) Oh and nothing quite like processed cheese product that doesn't need to be refrigerated....
This is the ONLY picture of Isaac, he got his punch card and disappeared until it was gone, then he came back asking for another :)
I think this may have been the littler 2's fav. part of the whole night. We had to park somewhere else(you know parking is an issue right?) and they had 2 trolley's taking people back and forth, this was on the way back.......
Who care's if it's blurry, it is moving geesh!!!

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