Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's not perfect but it's pretty great..........

Everything finally came in the mail! GEESH!!!

I learned a great many things about myself and my limits and also about my creative side that surprised me during the bedroom remake..
I'm going to just list it all and then show you pictures:) They will be before and after of each view I originally took.

1) No matter what color my walls are I MUST use a grayish primer before painting. That is a must,even if my paint color of choice is something like brown, everything took 2 coats and well that's plain tiring!!
2) The longer it takes me to finish a project the more idea's I get, next time have all items ordered and here before beginning!
3) Making lines to look like wainscoting(thanks Amy for the idea)is NOT nearly as easy and one would think and NO it doesn't make it easier to do faint crayon lines before you use the paint to hopefully make less mess because YOU DON'T have a steady hand so your lines will never be straight or clean even with the predrawn yard stick line! AND did I mention that it takes approximately 2.5hours EACH TIME to do a line on top and bottom every 4 inches? no? well IT DOES!!
4) The 6 dollar miter saw DOES NOT cut edges as nice as the 600 dollar saw does!! in fact it stinks really and makes you curse under your breath(that could have been because it wasn't screwed into at table though too)
The plus side to that is that I now know how to use one so I'm limitless in that area:)
5)I can and did make a headboard from scratch for my little lady's room, with the perfect fabric and a hunk of wood, some batting that I found in a roll, and my handy dandy staple gun that doubles for a nail gun!
6)nail gun nails are NOT long enough for nailing trim, you must go to local home store and purchase box of "trim nails" that I did on bottom and top each time. I EVEN USED A LEVEL, how bout that!!!
7)Kids, even little girls who want this room finished are not good at...a)holding said trim up straight while you nail it in and b) stopping the chair from sliding towards them as they watch their mom fall from said chair.....or c)leaving that paint tray(Ari) ALONE!!!!!!!

Now without further ado cuz I'm tired and still must fold laundry pictures, the part you've been waiting for

**** she loves it and I have one more surprise for her to come home to tomorrow, I'll take a pic when it's up****
1 clue: she LOVES white horses and I found something "white horse"

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