Tuesday, March 29, 2011

easy as 1 2 3..

In typical Norah fashion, show her once and it's done.

She's been wanting to learn how to tie her shoes for quite some time now but every time she asks were in a hurry or running behind....
This morning she says, can I try tying. Sure
I see her fumbling a bit so I ask her "hey, want me to show you on one"? Yup she says.
I show her how to cross, go under, make bunny ears (you know the drill) well I then sit to put socks on Ari and she goes mom mom MOM!!

and this is what I see:
Typical Norah, she is so so smart and SO proud of herself!!
Everything new she tackles like it's no problem. Potty training, from day one (at exactly 3) no accidents, I should also add we did pullups for MAYBE 4 nights. To date I think she's had maybe 5 all together and only 1 was in bed(the child is soon to be 6)
Riding a bike without training wheels, take off training wheels and off she goes, riding fine with 2.........
Tying shoes, show her exactly once and she's got it!

This she wanted me to take bc wow look it's just like the butterfly box mom!!!


K J and the kids said...

or...look, it's a tattoo mom, just like you :)

She's a super smarty pants.
It's going to be a whole new world of shoes for her now :)

Janet's page said...

no no no, no tattoo's for her;) at least not yet anyway. They all must wait until they are the age I was when I got my 1st one!