Friday, February 25, 2011

stinky stinky stinky.................

Know what really stinks?! I mean REALLY stinks?! The fact that YOUR dresser is moved at the moment so not in the correct place and because of this the back of said dresser is available to little people and their hands!
My "urn" for Ian has been on my dresser for awhile now and it's been fine. Last night while I was out "someone"(Ari) grabbed that little porcelain/stone box and was apparently playing with it. Now I did superglue the top on so that this would not be a problem.
What I never imagined was that it would be played with INSIDE a dogs crate! You know only the dog with jaws of steal has a big enough crate to play in...
I however didn't know this happened until about 1hour ago when I got home from dropping Miss at school and noticed "something" in his crate!
Yes I have spent about 30+ minutes trying to put my little angel's ashes back in his urn only to realize that the dog has about half of him inside his body!!
I can't even stand it! AND I'm crying again.....

Hope you all have a much better day than I'm having!

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K J and the kids said...

I have another word for it. Stinky, not so much.
I'm saying that word over and over again for you.
I'm so very sorry !