Friday, February 11, 2011

This Day

6:37am I'm just about to take a sip of my first cup of coffee. Isaac comes out crying almost hysterical saying that his throat hurts so bad!!
My first thought CRAP I know that pain this kid has strep...
I give him some Motrin and have him gargle with salt water. Go lay down in the chair and try to relax bud, the meds will kick in soon and you'll feel a bit better.

7:20am Norah gets up, Isaac's not going to school today? Nope and he's real sick so don't go by him, you don't want that..
We talk about how she's excited and nervous about this upcoming sleep over birthday party at Norah W.'s house.

8am I call the doctor, when can we get him in. 10:15 ok then we'll be there..
I gotta get moving because while I'm dealing with this I'm also working on my hair to bring it back to blond and right now it's ORANGE!
* No K, no picture for you*
So the plan is to stop at the "beauty store" and get some more necessities then the doc's then hopefully have enough time to get home grab a quick lunch and get Norah to school.
Ari gets up while I'm getting ready, I have yogurt out for all and finish getting ready.. Just after 9 out the door.
9:50 were early :) We get in to see the doc and man I love this guy. It's my 2nd time seeing him and he won my heart as did his nurse.(when not a regular scheduled apt you don't always get "your" doc) I don't mind this at all
The nurse swabs him and says 6min. Well 4min later doc comes in yup, strep!
This wonderful man after talking with us and taking all the time says hey guys why don't we look in your throats and see how you look.
God bless him, now i wont be worrying and wondering if one has trouble. They both looked fine. THEN this wonderful man says to me, so now you know if either of them start having the trouble Isaac is, you can just call here and tell them that they were just in and fine but now they are not and they should just call meds in for you.
If he had been closer to me I woulda gave him a big ol hug!!!
** Inside i thought, he knows, he knows**
10:17 leave dr, head to meijer
11:00 leave meijer with meds and a few other things
11:15 home for a quick lunch
11:45 back out the door to drop Norah off to school and then run to m&r's
12:20 back home for nap and I pick up the house and sit to fold some laundry.
2:45 wake up Ari(with the usual fun greeting of NOOOOOOOOO) poor kid, hasn't been sleeping well for a while, which means neither have I but anyway have that figured out I think.
get gas and get to school to "line up"
3:20 get Norah in the van and go to bank, then back home
5:- Leave to take Norah to the party/sleepover (her mom didn't mind her coming still)
6:30 back home.
7pm give Isaac more motrin(the 3rd time) and make some eggs. Tell him he must eat 5bites.
7:15 Isaac tells me he thinks he's going to puke. I say sit down breath, he burps, I turn to say feel better now to see him start puking all over his bed.......
Get that squared away, including him in the bathroom over the toilet in his undies.
7:45 grab the last handful of NASTY bedding(only take as much as my hands stay dry)only to look down and say to Chris WHO JUST PUKED ON THE FLOOR..
On to dog puke.........
It really only went downhill from there and I don't want to make this any longer....

Now I'm writing this and when I'm done I'll be going to bed(with my phone, she can call me anytime and I'll come get her)


K J and the kids said...

Bless you Janet. I am impressed by your strength and resistance to it all. You were movin' girl. MOVIN' ! and with kids going left and right and some sick some not.
WHEW ! Amazing.
I hope that she made it the whole night. That you got some much needed sleep. And that NOBODY else gets it.

Janet's page said...

K, thanks for that. Esp. coming from you:) You are my hero, that's for sure!
AT one point last night I was about to flip out and instead looked up and said "thank you lord for blessing me with the amazing family who so obviously need me, and please help my husband and his stupid ears" This was right before the explosion of the laundry machine after the dog puke and what not...

She did stay the night, I kinda slept(I think I was to worried I was gonna miss her call) and I swear I "hear" kids when I don't so then I have to focus really hard to listen.. So far so good on the other 2.........