Monday, November 1, 2010

The take

This is a picture of each very ecstatic child with their "take" from going up and down almost 1 entire street last night :)


Amy said...

They would put sculpture wire attached to each part where the bulb hooks in. THat holds the yarn thing away from the bulb. You still have to be careful though because the yarn light covers will still swivel and we have had one smoke and a spot on it turn brown. The girls use it quite a bit, but they are old enough to pay attention to everything being safe.

If you were going to make one I would really make sure the yarn thing stays in place. They did get the lamp off of craigslist, I'm guessing it's easy to find cheap ones with missing light covers. Good luck with this. Let me know if you make one, or better yet, blog about it~!

K J and the kids said...

Not too much, not too little...just the right amount :)