Sunday, October 24, 2010

Figures ***said with my sarcasm***

So this evening when Chris got home from a friends house (where he watched the 1 o'clock games) we went out to purchase Halloween costumes..........................

Insert drama voice and facial motions along with some arm smacking from me for the remainder of this post.....

I can't stand going costume shopping, CANT-STAND-IT..... No matter what, even if they know what they want to be before we go it still ends up changing, over and over and over and I'm gonna rip my hair out and beat someone else's kids over!!!!!!

We look and look and I have Norah all set to be a kitty, we need to get black sweatpants and a black turtleneck.. yea she was easy!

While Isaac brought me what he wanted above mentioned child, you know the easy one, finds that she also wants to be a dragon from the movie.......... GRRRRR start to look for the nonexistent size, then they want to be the same one! MOM, SHE CAN'T BE WHAT I WANT TO BE(make sure you hear whining)

All while this is happening Chris is trying to find this super cute lion in the size we need for Ari........................................

Meanwhile the little sucker (I mean stinker) sneaks past me to the other "big boy" costumes and see's a "werewolf" costume a.k.a. Big Bad Wolf and will have nothing but that, nothing else will do. They don't have it in your size buddy, how bout this ninja..NO BIG BAD WOLF

By this time I'm pretty hot and frustrated but oh so happy to see the bigger 2 kids working together (Isaac trying to find something else for Norah so she will BACK OFF his costume choice) and they find one. Each a different dragon, in correct sizes... OH happy day:)

Then daddy happens to find THE costume of the only girl from said movie and little daughter is ecstatic.... WOO HOOO.....

I take obstinate toddler out to vehicle on the promise that we were going to another store to find him a costume in his size (thank you lord for no yelling screaming fit exiting store)

New store same attitude: the little bugger was shown AT LEAST 15 different costumes with the same outcome "NO want BIG BAD WOLF"........

We finally find a "decent looking" big bad wolf type of costume complete with the mask and the hands, toddler is just about jumping thru store he's so happy.... Parents decide to suck it up, so what if they are the only family with a 2yr old wearing a super scary wolf costume, it's what he wants and that's all that matters correct?!?!?!?

Fast forward 15minutes and stinking-mother loving-monster turd-drove me crazy-made me want to go ape crazy-yelling in the store with angry eyes-can you even believe it toddler REFUSES to put any part of BIG BAD WOLF costume on because it's TO SCARY! No one else can put it on either, it's to scary and he's not wearing it!!!!!

God bless the huge turd, At least he proved he is indeed mine :)

Tomorrow I'll be back at the second store for this super cute blue dinosaur costume that "I" just love :) or maybe the cute puppy one.....hmmmmmm

Oh and I DON'T make costumes.........


K J and the kids said...

Oh honey, you are going about this ALLLL wrong.
Let me help you.
Put a store magazine in front of them with a choice of costumes (the internet works
THEN. have the children pick out exactly which costume they want. IF you are online, order it right there....some stores even have free shipping to a store near you.
OR. you can have them pick 3. a first second and third if you cannot find sizes. and only mom goes to the store with the list in hand and brings home the costumes.
Kids can't complain...because they picked them.
The end.

Better luck next time ;-)

Janet's page said...

Oh you smart mouth! Next time you KNOW what I'll be doing, Thanks :)