Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So just wanted to throw out the kiddo's weight's

Isaac: 72# just turned 9!!

Norah: 43# age 5yrs

Ari: 33.6# age 2.5yrs

HOLY CRAP 10 pounds is all between the 2yr old and the 5yr old!! WHAT IS THAT!!!


K J and the kids said...

You have some skinny little people there :)

Amy said...

Anne Marie and Henry are 3 years apart, but I think she only weighs about 7 pounds more than him. He is a big 4 year old, though, and she is a pretty little 7 year old.

My kids have been all over the board. When Charlie was 18 months old he weighed 36 pounds! Plus, I had a one month old Anne Marie. Can you imagine carrying him and an infant in her car seat into the store?

No wonder I lost so much weight after she was born.

Janet's page said...

Amy, that sounds so stinking hard! ugh!!!

My oldest was like that, only super long too, had to stop using the infant seat before a year because he didn't fit no matter how you tried! poor kid:)