Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The lazy days of summer are officially over........

Turns out I was ready this year for school to start, couldn't wait actually:) It's also been really good for me too, I've been getting MUCH more done each day these past few weeks. I'm up so much earlier and on a time schedule that it's really gotten me moving and the entire household is benefiting from it.

I haven't napped even once since school started either.(by nap I mean out for 10-20min them bing wide awake)

Norah got ahold of the camera last night and there were about 25 pic's of these "pets" in their jammies and then the 2 are of Isaac's newly painted room, in the colors of his choice. It reminded me of the ocean so I went out and bought drapes to be the "sand" :-) It was time for him to have a fresh paint job, after all that was our room and it was painted a soft peach or something or other, not really a boys room eh?!


K J and the kids said...

I love it. My kids get my camera and it's usually pictures underneath the table...the desk....legs. Because they are hiding of course :) ha ha
I love that she lined her pets up and snapped a group shot :) ha ha

Too bad she doesn't' have could use her mug shot as her profile pic :)

Janet's page said...

we also have individual pictures of each "pet" or should I say MANY pictures of each pet:)