Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yesterday Isaac had his first day of 3rd grade, at a new school, new teacher and 27 new classmates! Big, HUGE change for him and so far he likes it..The only concern is where he will be academically compared to the other classmates... We may need to have a lot of extra work to compensate or if he's so far ahead he might even move up to 4th.. We'll see as these next 2wks progress :)
Isaac and Mrs. Gould

Today Norah started her first day of Kindergarten, in a new school with a bunch of new friends.. Hopefully the day goes better than the picture:(
She is going in the afternoon and that couldn't be MORE PERFECT, I actually switched her to pm from am because we could:) She starts at 12:10 and then little man and I go and do M&R and then home for a nap. Like I said Perfect!!
Norah and Mrs. DeMann
Ari just wanted a picture too :-)

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