Friday, August 6, 2010


So I have a friend that's one of those "nope not gonna ever have kids, nope not me" "don't want them" she always said. MY kids LOVE her, she's awesome!! She'd be a terrific mom!!
She got engaged 2yrs ago and we've(mostly her, some me help)been planning this wedding(Ya I'm in it)since. Shortly after the engagement she found out she was pregnant. Hitch, it was tubal:( I was heartbroken for her but I also knew that she needed this to find out that she did indeed want a child. Yup that's just what happened.
She has since gone back to her old ways of "don't want any kids" "not having any kids" "Janet anytime I think about wanting kids I just come over and babysit" :)
So fast forward to now and were almost thru with everything for the wedding, it's in October(actually it's on my due date for Ian) We've planned, purchased, MADE a bunch of stuff. Drove 3hrs to Ohio for a run thru with hair and makeup and nails. We are all set.
Monday I'm at dinner with my mom, 2 of my aunt's and a cousin and I get a text: Your wish for me may have come true dear" I'm drawing a blank FOR ALL OF 10 SECONDS. Then a loud sharp inhale and smile and look at the next text of 2 positive pregnancy tests...
WOOHOO so excited for her/them I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm making myself stay calm and resist until after the wedding, then all bets are off and I'll be buying baby stuff and secretly sending it until the spring!! HEHE I'm so happy and I don't have to be the one to grow it:)

Plus I've always told her no you don't want kids, just A kid :):):)


K J and the kids said...

Sometimes fate has other plans for us :)
I hope she's happy and enjoys this great gift she's been given.

Janet's page said...

She is now that the shock is past. Told me yesterday that she had to resist buying something, seeing as how she's really early and wants to find out the sex :)