Monday, August 2, 2010

Ozzy, Isis and Onyx. Ozzy is choosing Onyx to play with the most. Hmmmmmmm He likes the bigger ladies:)

So today I went to a girlfriends house.... several times one of the younger ones is crying for a mom. After a bit I hear Ari, crying and yelling my name, I kinda blow it off for a sec.(as she's showing me her bedroom and the nice new piece of furniture) Well I then go to see cuz he's not stopped yet and he's outside....
My poor little man is standing there frozen in place yelling/crying for me and saying "snake"
I Lean forward to look and yup at the bottom of the steps is a snake and I think Ari is in his way(it's about 1ft in front of him)... As I go to grab Ari(lift him directly up in the air) the snake(it's a little one) starts it's thing directly in his direction and he starts screaming!!! I FROZE PEOPLE! Well actually jumped back and froze.... but once it was next to him I could move again and then successfully lift him up and outta there. Then Ern calls her oldest little man to come and get it out of the driveway!!!!

People I FROZE, I stink, what kinda mom freezes in her child's full on terror?!?!?!??
I would not be surprised if he has a nightmare or two tonight..... DANG


K J and the kids said...

Yes, well...not your best moment. but there are positives in all of this. He was never in REAL danger and you did eventually "save" him.
I suppose there is some work to do on our phobia's now isn't there :)

I would have failed horribly...I would have first grabbed the camera and THEN saved the kid :)

Janet's page said...

thanks for the laugh ;)

I feel so terrible and will never let that happen again!