Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a trim

Last night i go into Isaac's room and my gosh the floor is covered in fur.. Not just little bits of fur but massive clumps of it. Like the kind you see after a cat fight or.........................a hair cut!!

Yup Norah decided when the opportunity presented itself, mom busy outside in the yard where Isaac and Ari were and dad busy fixing the kitchen sink and a pair of scissors NOT on top of the fridg that her cat Polo needed a hair cut.. MY WORD poor cat, looked like a massacre of fur... At least she left his whiskers alone this time.....


K J and the kids said...

No pictures ? COME ON !
THANK GOD it was the cat and not her hair.
I hope you are down on your knees thanking the heavens for that one.
Next time you might not be so lucky. Neither might the cat :)

Janet's page said...

I'm pretty sure it will always be the cat or her barbies.... At least that's all it's been so far anyway :-)
No need for pictures of that mess :)