Sunday, August 23, 2009

My moment as a bride in a huge awful so tight i couldn't inhale to save my life wedding dress.... We were there to try on ONLY bridesmaid dresses but a little please do you think we could, got us our wish granted :-) That was the most fun we had the entire 1.5 hours:):)

Now those of you with delicate sensibilities please read and look no further

We were just having a little fun and trying to get the beautiful brunette some boobage and me some to with only 1 hand:)
We have way to much fun together the 3 of us girlie's


Carey said...

Ahh... this brought back memories of me trying on bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding while Steph had fun trying on the wedding dresses!! Looks like you guys had a fun time!!

Janet's page said...

We sure did :)

K J and the kids said...

I really like the black dress. and girl you are looking GOOD !
skinny minnie.

Janet's page said...

Must remember K i could not breathe and I'm serious!! remember when we were younger and had to lay down to zip our jeans(some of us anyway)...... same kinda thing only with hand helpers to zip the sucker up!!!