Monday, March 9, 2009


Just a quick little bit about me. As many of you know i have recently started jogging or as seasoned joggers say running. Anyway Thurs.Fri.Sat. pm i took both dogs and we got up to2 to 2.5miles about each night. That was definatly where i need to stay for Zero(at this point in time) otherwise it might be to much for him. Well i just got back with just Onyx and i believe we did 3miles. It feels so awesome to do this i can't even tell you:-) I love it and do wonder how many I'll get up to by the end of summer!!!! Now all i need is a jogging stroller!! Seriously I've been looking on e-bay and it seems feasable but I'm just not so sure as of yet even used they arn't cheap especially when your looking for a double one.
On another note my little man who is almost 1 just keeps increasing his vocabulary:) No walking or even standing alone but talking away.
That's about all i can remember at the moment.He's so cute!!

Lori how ya doing??????

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