Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man o Man has it ever been a long draining week!! Isaac's been home sick from school all week. Actually his school's been closed all week because of the # of kids sick... Or maybe it's just that i spent abut 2.5 hours this afternoon in a huge room with total stimulation overload!!!(woman's expo/bridal show) I've also been jogging just about every night this past week. Regardless I'm one tired lady! I almost fell asleep at the dinner table tonight if you can believe it.... The first few pictures are of what the house looked like all week and then just a few from today or maybe yesterday, i don't know...... Ari's increased his vocab "Dada" that's a new as of today. He's up to i think 8 words now:-)

What is it you ask that they are playing keep away with????? Oh yes it's a piece of duct tape that they ripped of the top of the sandbox....
My handsome guy lovin the doggie:)

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