Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a day

This morning about 9ish I leave the house to make a play date drop off... I'm dropping off and Isaac to pick up a Norah W. and her bigger sis Noelle:) This should be fun I think, I just L-O-V-E the drama that 1 makes let alone 3! (hear sarcasm)

We load up in the van and I hear "mom play my favorite song" THE minute it starts playing I think, "I'm gonna have so much fun today" and I ment it!! Why because we were rocking out to some Justin Bieber on the ride home and the 3 ladies in back KNEW EVERY WORD! I guess that works because together they have a combined age of 17 :)

Then what do you do........................................................
)Why play some Wii dance
and play some more. I love how Norah W. doesn't even need to play to dance and have fun

Then what do you do.............................
Dress up like pretty fairy princess to go run a few errands, the last of which was a car wash(you would have thought we said lets get some ice cream)

We played with the Fur real dog, played the Wii, colored with crayons,colored with markers, played with dogs, painted, made necklaces, changed cloths a bazillion times, watched parts of movies, played games, managed to eat a morning snack, eat lunch, have cookies, play with Ari's kitchen,play with Ari, pretend to be dogs,play with modeling clay,dress up Isis in many different "outfits" none of which she was all that thrilled about,run errands, have dinner, have many more cookies,watch more parts of movies, create a play with actual parts for each only to be drawn away at rehearsal time by some part of a movie that was playing and they were only going to preform it for themselves...paint fingers and toes....
I think that may be all :)

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K J and the kids said...

That does sound like a fun day.
Wii just dance rocks. And. The Micheal Jackson one does too. It's HARD though. Just sayin.