Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have a few observations of late that I'm going to share with all 3 of you :)

1) WHO knew that tweaking medication could make one feel completely at ease and peaceful inside. I mean really! I do believe I've been in a constant state of frustrated/overwhelmed tension for the past 3yrs... just a very slight increase at each time and I'm the old me again!!!!!

2) my 9yr old son can wear my husband's mothers shoes! They fit fine!!!! Speaking of fitting, I am also going to need to buy him size 12slim jeans just so they are long enough! I JUST bought him many pairs of size 10, did I mention he's 9 flippen years old!!! Any of you who have older boys can understand how crazy this is.....or not IDK:)

3)and there was a 3rd but now I've forgotten...................................if i remember I'll come back with an update....


3) I've been wanting to purchase an oven thermometer for YEARS and Finally did yesterday? or the day before?? Anyway my oven was set to 350 and wouldn't you know it, it was actually over 400.....rite now it's set for 300 (the package said 375) and it's just about 375!!

So really not all worth the wait for you but I just had to post it, I'm so shocked by the difference!!!
The point is if you don't have one in your oven, GET ONE it could be WAY off :-)


K J and the kids said...

How great that he fits into his grandma's shoes :) Lots of cushion and support with her shoes too.

Can't wait to hear the 3rd :)

Dusty/333 said...

How are the size 12's staying up??? I have bought 4kinds of 3 different sizes!! Everything TO BIG in waist, or to short, or baggy and way to LONG!!!!!

Janet's page said...

I haven't gotten them yet... I'm hoping with the thingies on the side they will stay up......... I just know I can't have them above his ankles that's all.................