Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a snow day today, looking out the window I ask why?!? Really it's the last week of school before winter break, was this really necessary...... Now I have to take all 3 out and about to get some groceries for cookie making, yea me!!!

Norah has her "winter concert" tonight and I'm really excited to see her preform, Isaac's is Wednesday.. Strange how they do things this new school.....

Well I'm off to get my caffeine buzz in before any wake up, happy Monday :-)

**Winter concert CANCELED, canceled people, she's been in tears ever sense! To be rescheduled for AFTER the 2wk winter break, bahumbug!**

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K J and the kids said...

....and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... :)