Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does she just break your heart or what? This is what it looks like when little brother bites the top of her muffin when she's not looking :(
He told us, he's all set for school with his lunchbox purse :)
We have been talking a lot lately with the big kids about proper brushing and proper length of time...... This was first, both Chris and I were stunned :-)


K J and the kids said...

My brothers used to lick stuff. We would speak know, I speak the chocolate doughnut or I speak that muffin or whatever happened to be presented to us. So when I would speak something they wanted...they would just pick it up and lick the top of it.....because ewww, then it was un edible and eat it. FUCKERS.

Love the purse.
Love the yo yo daddy-o picture.
NICE teeth sister.

Janet's page said...

that whole first paragraph=exactly what her brothers are doing to her and I believe exactly what she's thinking :)

That "purse" is Norah's little pet shop lunchbox, so cute!

Dusty/333 said...

Oh My WORD!!!! This happened 3 days ago! Olyvia ate the tops off... Spencer had a fricken FIT and Jona took hers and threw it across the table!! I know she wanted to say " DAMN YOU Olyvia!" hahahahahah