Monday, April 5, 2010

Privacy what?!?! Ohhhhhhhh yaaaaaaa

This is our view to the neighbor's before the grand transformation...........

AND after, up stained and all... MAN that was A LOT of work :) We were given a precious 4hrs kid free yesterday afternoon(Thanks papa and grandma) not sure if that's ever happened before??? anyway so we had all but the final panel up when they got home and today, last panel and then staining during nap time................

You see we bought this house about 5yrs ago and when we moved in I told Chrs how tired I was with sharing my backyard with the neighborhood and I wanted privacy fence up asap....... It was worth the wait..... Now I'm going to give him a few days and then the other half of my want for the past 5 years will need to happen...........and I'll leave you with that :)

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K J and the kids said...

How wonderful !
That IS a lot of work. Glad you were able to get your privacy. It's never too late.

My kids are fighting like crazy lately too. What is that.
I guess we're all suffering from spring fever.