Monday, April 5, 2010

The past week has just flown by! We decorated eggs and this year I tried just buying 1 kit for them to share(the other way just brought on to much fighting) and well this didn't work well either! All they do these days is fight, Ari had a hard time understanding the egg thing and just had a fit, overall we tried to make the best of it but it was bad:( There's always next year:) In my house growing up we always had to find Easter eggs all over the house and the Easter bunny would bring your favorite candy and 1 little toy.

My kiddos don't really play with toys, so this year the bunny got them, make yourself moccasins, shrinky dinks(with over 40 different girlie bracelets, earrings, hair clips to make)and a finger paint kit with sponges:) That part was a fun success the actual fining of the eggs...........................turns out sister didn't listen and proceeded to find ALL the eggs but 3 and ticked off big brother:(

The past few days Chrs has been home with us and we have stained the deck and put up some privacy fence. 1 more panel and we'll be all done with that:) woo hoo, 5years in the dreaming stage and it's finally getting done, I love it!!!!!

after egg decorating snack
our poor excuse off eggs this year
I love this picture, soooo cute
Look at those wrinkly heads!
Frank's new "stick"

oh ya and were watching a girlfriend's dog "ranger" he was dropped off on Friday and will be here until this next week Saturday.......

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