Monday, February 1, 2010


If you are family and may offend easily please read no further......If you choose to read and get offended, not my problem!!!!!

For 8 years now I have been aware that I have family that thinks about money more than necessary. For awhile now I have realized that some family thinks about others financial situation and how they choose to spend their money WAY more than they should!! It has come to my attention that people come into my house looking to see what we may have spent money on that wasn't (in their eyes) "needed" and that TICKS-ME-OFF!!
Now having not grown up with this type of life it is hard for me to feel as I do. It is also not correct that because of people I am nervous about posting about upcoming things like trips because it will be talked about negatively...

Sooo I'm gonna get this off my chest............ Yes we do spend money (like most people) on things that WE like. We don't spend money if we don't have it. Furthermore WE ALWAYS pay for our home and what comes with it BEFORE we buy any "not needed" items. We also pay for OUR HOME and all the subsequent bills before we go on ANY type of trip!! Because of that we have NEVER taken a family trip and by god WE(and our kids) deserve to do that!!!!!!!

I could sit here and give you an itemized list of what each and every thing costs to live in and maintain this house but somehow I don't think anyone would be interested in that...
I could also give an itemized list of ALL THE DEPT that has been payed off over the past month but somehow I don't think anyone would care about that either...

I could however give an itemized list of all the "not needed" things we have purchased over the past month(and you would be interested) but frankly IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!

I have always said you only live once and you can't take anything with you but that always implies taking care of responsibility's FIRST!

Why is that because we have always worked our butts off to pay for our home and take care of our family before looking to "buy things" we are still thought of as "kids" who blow money???????????????

I will never understand this. I have also told my husband to not get so upset because all that REALLY matters is what we know and how god see's us!!!!

I'll leave you with a picture of my new rug!!! :-)

*I no longer need to look at pictures and see that ugly rug that's not in our taste*

p.s. I can write what I want it is my blog!!!!!!
p.s.s. I feel way better and am off to eat some ice cream and nap:)

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Anonymous said...

I was fine with everything. and then you had to say it. FUCK. you are off for icecream and a nap. Well I hope you sneeze ICECREAM THROUGH YOUR NOSE HOLES !

No really. You are absolutely right. It is no ones business but your own. Good for you to let it out. I hope you release it and move on never to let them get to you again. :)

Love the new rug !