Sunday, February 28, 2010

This week it seems has passed by in a busy blur.................. Norah had at school(on Tuesday of course) an "Art" thingie. Chris and the kiddo's went and had such fun I'm told. They herd stories, did movement(dance), pottery, face painting and a few other things. I can't wait for my "vase" :-) Wed. I went down and get the cross tattoo that I was suppost to get when I was there getting the start of the vine but we ran out of time. So down I went and brought a plate full of cookies with me :-)
Friday I spent the DAY at work and the little pup had her first of 2 major surgery's poor puppy, maybe more on that later :(
Saturday I had to meet a client at work bright and early at 8am. (her dog is soooooo very fearful that with moms help her treatment's go very smooth :) I got home about 2pm and straight to the couch I went with an icepak......... Don't clench/grind your teeth at night, just makes you miserable for the next few days..... Finally here I sit Sunday at just about 4pm.....NOT at all ready for Monday!
My Miss. Lion
My strange looking polar bear
Little man chose something green for his hand??
The AWESOME cross :)

I couldn't resist a pic of the cute doggies.......

Oh and I almost forgot, I have a bran spankin new pair of glasses that are awesome!! AND they come with those little thing's that go on the front to make them sunglasses, never had that before :)

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K J and the kids said...

Sounds like everyone has been busy and having fun !
That tat looks PAINFUL ! ouch