Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy busy busy these days... After a week off of school Isaac has been back and all my hard work last week has paid off and he hasn't been behind at all! The last time he was sick for more than a day when he went back he had missed so much it was all to overwhelming and he had a major melt down once he got home.

WE ARE DOING IT PEOPLE we are taking the kids on a little mini vacation!!!
We never go anywhere ever and have decided to just do it!!!! We are taking a 2night 3day trip to the fabulous Great Wolf Lodge and we can't wait... We need to get away from this house soooooooo bad. It's been over 2yrs since we did anything like this.... AND the best part is that my best friend is going with her 3 boys at the same time!!!!

I also just got back from scheduling myself a little time to get some new artwork(it's been way to long)
Kids are all great, no fun stories to share and I haven't been taking pictures either, wonder why????
Little man is beginning to loose the fav. kid spot for me, you know he's starting to speak in sentences and have a bit of a tude so down he slides ;-)

Hope everyone is healthy,warm and well off I go to give allergy meds and chill....


K J and the kids said...

Sounds DIVINE darling !
You had better take pictures and have fun stories from the mini vacay.

Janet's page said...


Dusty/333 said...

who's watching all the pets and feeding the fish?

Janet's page said...

My girl Andrea