Friday, January 22, 2010

This has to be the LLLLOOOONNNNNGGGGGEEEEESSSSSTTTTT week EVER!!!!! Dr.'s office 2x this week(the 2nd was spent there waiting for the first hour of nap time) Man o man and to make matters worse, yesterday for lunch I ate 1.5 doughnuts and today I'm eating a stupid Tino's frozen pizza AND I work tomorrow :-( blah blah blah, wa wa wa!!

****OH and I almost forgot the one good thing*** I received a call from the principal of the school that canceled the preschool program. Apparently they have received the funding to start a program in February and she wanted to know if I would be interested. UM YES yes I am, so they are sending me some info. I had hoped to get it today but oh well It's coming....
Do you know what the possibly means..........................I just might get about 2hours up to 4 days a week alone with the little man! That would be so awesome. I think I have only had time alone with him 2x in almost 2yrs... Oh and the miss would learn her letters and numbers or at the very least know what letters make up her name on sight!!! It's not for lack of my trying people BELIEVE me!!!!
Stubborn turds we've created (notice the "we")
I'm off to finish the doughnuts!!!


K J and the kids said...

I really do feel as if our universes have collided. It's official. Except mine wasn't donuts but reeses peanut butter cups. and DAMN IT, there aren't any left or I would be eating them.

Way to go with the preschool class starting up.
You'll wish little man was old enough to go soon:) I know I do ha ha

Janet's page said...

K I've felt the same way about you since I started reading your blog!!! I KNOW we'd be good friends if we lived closer:) If I'd had Reeses thats what I'd be eating!!!