Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Something's gotta change!!! I don't know what or how but it MUST!!!!!!
WWWAAAYYYYY back in Sept. when school started my mornings went a little like this......

ME: up at 7 (coffee, feed dogs be pleasant when kiddos got up)
KIDS: up at 7:30
2wks later

ME: up at 6:30 (same previous reasons)
KIDS: up at 7

about 2wks later

ME: up at 6 (not happy really no matter what)
KIDS:(ARI MAINLY up at 6:30

FOR THE PAST MOTHER LOVIN MONTH if not longer cuz really it all runs together these days...

ME: waken up by Ari at 5:40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couple that with the fact that I'm not falling asleep until midnight 1 o'clock and well you have...........NOT GOOD THINGS!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously tried what i know
keep the kid up til 8pm same thing up at 5:40. Put the kid to bed at the previous set time of 7:30, up at 5:40, put to bed at 7 same thing... put to bed at 8:15 up at 5:55...
AND my big issue is that then he wants to take his nap at o lets say 10:30 BUT HE CANT bc during the week i have a pet sitting job at 12-12:30.. and that's not negotiable..... plus lets say he goes down at 10:30 and i wake him at 12:30 to do the pet sitting well then the miss goes down for nap at 1pm and where pray tell is my hour or so of down time??????????????????? I NEED THAT TIME!!!!!

Oh well, maybe now that i vented all will get back into place like it should.....

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K J and the kids said...

I'm so sorry ! Oh Girl am I sorry.
I think the reason we seem to struggle with patience is for a lack of sleep.
Why are you going to be at midnight. That's your first problem. Stop worrying about when he wants to go down and start worrying about you going down.
Do what it takes lady. but get some sleep.
Good luck and god bless ya. I am NOT a morning person