Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When i was younger, when i was told i wouldn't be able to have kids and that was just fine by me many people would tell me when you have more than one they are each so different and unique.. Well duh i would think they are all made up of different DNA so one would think that yup they are each different.....

Today it hit me what they REALLY ment. All 3 of my kids are incredibly different when it comes to breakfast! HUGELY!!!!!

Isaac has always been a pancake,waffles,scrambled egg, sausage, kinda guy and first thing too....If it's ment to be eaten for breakfast that's what he likes.

Norah until just the past 6months if it was ment to be for breakfast she didn't like it and not before 9(no matter what time she got up), all of the above plus cereal = no way!! The child ate soup every cotton pickin day that's all she liked! now she wont eat soup ever, not even if she picked it out.

Ari this child eats everything except when it comes to breakfast! He's a first thing kinda guy too. or at least within 30min. waffles ya right, pancakes maybe a bite or two if your lucky, eggs get real and sausage you should see the look i get!!! He will eat yogurt that i mix baby cereal into make it more filling and get this.. cereal MY kind of cereal no less "life" and his fav "Quaker oatmeal squares" O and he loves the steal cut oats mixed with a packet of instant oatmeal.

I try to make the oatmeal a bit healthier and have the instant last a bit longer so I mix with the old fashioned or steal cut....and don't get me started on who likes what flavor!!geesh!
Man they are crazy these kids and their food choices...And heaven help me if i forget who likes what how...........................You'd think i was torturing them!!

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