Friday, September 19, 2008

I rock

I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I didn't even loose it once!!! We had my sisters 2 youngest over night last night and Chris did awesome with all 5kids solo! It was my turn this morning,and i did it, i got 5 kids up,fed,dressed,packed up and off to school on time!!! Even with me still feeling like crap(still have this stinking cold) and the fact that i was up to pee at like midnight then up with Ari at something like 4 and then again at 5:40 and then up for the morning at 6(not my usual 7) I still did it while keeping my composure the entire time. I even had Norah and Ari and kinda myself(no new makeup but teeth brushed and clean cloths did forget to brush my hair) ready to go into school so Isaac could share his show and tell bag with us present(they like a parent there if possible to be part of the show and tell). Mrs. Mast his teacher said "Janet I'm so sorry, they have art first thing this morning, when can you come back for sharing??Well wait for you whatever time" (she knew that we had all the kids last night. She is soooo nice i really like her. So back home we went to wait until 11:30(which works out perfectly) to go back for sharing time with Isaac. Have a good one all! Pray that i get a nap or I'll be done in by 3.

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