Sunday, September 21, 2008


So, in a matter of 2days my little man, my oldest son who was going to be an only child(for 3yrs) who no one could ever convince me needed a sibling but who now is the example setter,role model for a younger sister and brother(and is AWESOME at it) is going to be 7 years old, did you hear that 7! Where does the time go?? Where did that little man go?? I can't believe how much has happened since his birth. I'm blown away by what an awesome young man he is becoming! So responsible,kind,considerate,compassionate,gentle when necessary with his sister and baby brother(who is way better than his sister I'm told) It is so crazy what happens to this little person in a matter of years. Thank you god for blessing me with this incredible young man that wouldn't be here if not for you!!!!! Saturday we had some family over for a small party......All the grandparents and my sister with 3 of her 4. It was a good time for all and here are some pictures of the evening!!!

Everyone loves the cupcake cake!!:)

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