Friday, May 3, 2013

Tomorrow(Saturday) will be 2 weeks of this "fast"... This week flew by... That doesn't mean it hasn't been hard, it has and at this very moment is(dessert anyone)!! I am already seeing a bunch of wonderful changes both physically and mentally :) I don't feel so "bloated" or "sluggish". I still get tired, very tired at the same times each day but when I lay down I'm not able to sleep, just think and pray, it's pretty awesome... I have a new and deeper understanding of those people who don't get choices when it comes eating. Those that must eat to survive not because this or that sounds good. It really blows my mind.... I have lost 6 pounds, something I haven't been able to do in over a year :-) I find myself more................................................content to just be(if that makes sense) I have 2weeks left of this "fast" and I am going to devote them to portion control and outward happiness and just see what happens..... ***mother's day is also when we are celebrating Norah's 8th birthday, all bets are off that day***


K J and the kids said...

WOW ! I'm so impressed !
What happens at the end ? Do you go back to eating normal or do you just add some foods back in ?

Amy said...

I'm really proud of you Janet. I am a food addict myself and I long to not think about food anymore. I love that prayer is such a big part of this for you. I really do believe that prayers are answered and that when we exercise faith we are blessed. Good job!

Janet's page said...

Karen, at the end my plan is to add the fruits and veggies I'm dying for!! and the rest in moderation!