Sunday, April 21, 2013


I've been depressed, very depressed for say the past 6-ish months SHOCKER RIGHT?!?! Today is day 1 of a 30 day fast I'm doing. I never done a fast before, I like food, LOVE food, why would I want to stay away from it...... I read the book 7(seven) by Jen Hatmaker and the first month REALLY spoke to me. Like I couldn't get it out of my head spoke to me.. I am hoping that during this month of restriction I will feed my soul and find peace and happiness!! This month I will be eating Chicken/ Eggs/ Bread/ Sweet Potato/ Spinach/ Apple/ Tomato/ I am using some salt and pepper and that's it. Oh and I decided not to do anything different with what I drink. coffee in the morning then massive amounts of water the rest of the day.. Pray for me, I'm gonna need it~ I've already tried to figure out how to have a little of this or that without god knowing.....sigh.....


St Elsewhere said...

Why are you depressed? I hope you get some help with it.

I am horrible at fasts, and do not have the will to keep one. I may be normal in usual, but when it is a fast, I can think of nothing but food.

Insane, right?

You take care.

mj said...

I'm sorry that you've been feeling this way, and I hope your fast helps. A friend of mine is in the middle of a juice fast right now and she is feeling better physically and mentally. Thoughts and prayers your way, and I will be watching your blog to see how it's going ;)

K J and the kids said...

I hope that you find some peace with this. I also hope you share it with us :)
And hey. at least you can eat bread.

Sorry you have been sad.