Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello, my name is Janet and I'm addicted to munchy food and sweets! It's been almost 4 days since my last "fix" SERIOUSLY, there should be a group for this.. I am totally going thru withdrawal. I have leg/hip pain for no known reason, I am having a terrible time sleeping(tossing and turning forEVER and when I do sleep I have some whacked out dreams) I awoke this morning with a headache to boot.... The plus side is that all the praying I have been doing is working, today I am not feeling controlled by my thoughts of all the munchies in my house or for cookies/cake/pie/chocolate/donuts/etc.......... Thank you lord!


mj said...

You are amazing! And the cravings will pass. I'm sure of it. I'm betting the worst is over now.

K J and the kids said...

Janet. I SWEAR it's an age and hormonal thing. I was never such a sweet treat whore like I am today.
OMG I love treats. I feel like I have to pair my food.
Something salty. something sweet.

The reason I need to lose 25 days.