Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Hair ?

Yesterday afternoon Chrs took the younger two to the store to get some groceries..

I walked in the bathroom and this is what I find on the floor:

I call Chrs and say, did Norah cut her hair?? 2 excuses she gave "no" and "i don't remember".....

When she got home I didn't need to probe for long before I found this:

At least she was almost 7 before she cut her own hair(she just cut cats hair and whiskers), her reason was that she was tired of her hair falling in her eyes................

We just got back from getting her (and me, yea)a haircut

Not to bad considering the hunk she cut off eh?!


K J and the kids said...

I'd say well done....except I know that you don't want to encourage her behavior. It really did turn out nice.

St Elsewhere said...

Ha Ha Ha...this is the second hair story I have come across in as many days.

Someone's kid cut off his brother's locks and threw them out of the window...that was the first one!

BTW, post the haircut, the result does seem nice!

mj said...

It looks cute!!! I can relate to the "I hate my hair falling in my eyes" bit. hey, where are my scissors???