Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Fix

Ari and I got to play with a 3month old baby yesterday! Can you say mmmmmmmmmmmm, how wonderful, and squishy and yummy that was!

The funniest thing was that Ari kept telling me how "she can't go in my room"! Then "She can't play with my stuff"!!

Then she came over and within 10min he whispers to me "mom, can i keep her in my room"?

AND THEN started fighting with me about wanting to take a nap with her in his bed, BUT MOM, I'M TIRED!! I need a nap, mom!! I'm sleepy too!!!

THEN she'd cry, MOM you need to get her and bring her out here, she's crying, get her!

The little dude would be a darn good big brother... OH well he'll have to settle for daddy someday :)


K J and the kids said...

I love it.
I think he needs a baby sister. ???

Janet's page said...

See K, I KNEW that come this stage in Ari's life I would feel that "need" and would probably be due with his baby sister shortly, SOOOOOOO I took that option off the table 3yrs ago...

I'm overwhelmed with what's in this house enough without adding another baby :)

He would certainly have been the "take charge and protect" big brother and not the "feel threatened/please return it" big brother :)

mj said...

What, no more? But they're so CUTE :-) I hear ya, though. No more for me, either.