Wednesday, August 3, 2011

THE chart

So after my last bout with the miss regarding doing something I asked/told her to do and the tantrum that forced me to do something I swore I never would do(darn me for saying I would bc then I'm forced to follow thru) I've been looking to ways to get the proper behavior vs. the "other" method(that I will NEVER do again).

I created a fun, neat, easy, not overwhelming "chore chart". It is easy enough, you do your day's worth of chores and come the following week we will take a trip to the dollar store. If you do not then you will watch the other kiddo's get 1 thing from the dollar store.
AND THEN at the end of a month a special treat will be rewarded(provided all have done the months chores) to all with a trip out to dinner(the whole family) or dinner and a movie or maybe get pizza and rent a movie(final decision is up to mom and dad)

Everyone seems to be on board with this plan and so far it's working pretty well. Ari of course is 3 and can't just be told to "empty the dishwasher" so mom or dad need to help him with his but he's doing them I'm happy to say.

The one thing that I noticed and NEVER realized until I made the "rough draft" of this chart is that our kiddo's initial's make IAN. You know my angel..... That was pretty cool and I don't know why it took me 4 years to realize it...

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K J and the kids said...

I love this.
I'm so happy it's working so well for you. It's always better when they can see what's expected of them.
I have been meaning to get out the B-bucks and chart all summer because they are lazy little bastards who don't earn their own keep. but alas :) ha ha

You are a fantastic mom Janet. AWESOME mom.