Monday, July 4, 2011

ding ding ding

******* SPECIAL ALERT, SPECIAL ALERT******* That which I thought would never happen and quite frankly stopped even hoping for, did indeed happen today, 2 times and THE child was not prompted!!
My 3yr old who turned 3 the end of March, used the potty today, 2 times!!! First time he actually ran to me, mom I have to poop and did so on the potty and then he peed. Second time said child ran into the potty and walked up to the toilet at peed!! WHO HOOOOO he may be "house trained" ;) before winter after all!!!!!!!!


K J and the kids said...

I'm so happy for you Janet !!!
When they are ready they shall step up to the plate. or potty in this case.
WOO HOO little man.

Stacie said...

So jealous!!!!! Come to my house and train my children...please!

Janet's page said...

Karen, You can totally get how excited i am:) He even went once more before bed!!!

Stacie, this is the first of my 3 to turn 3 and NOT wear big boy undies or want anything to do with it!! Other 2 got undies on 3rd birthday and literally no more diapers.... I had stopped talking about it with him almost entirely but would "encourage" using the nearest bush when outside swimming ;) Lets hope today he just continues, we are off to get boxer brief's like dad and Isaac wear at some point today......The "whitie tightie's" are a "not on your life am I gonna wear those" kinda thing....