Thursday, July 14, 2011

14 year olds

Last week I invited a teenager into my home for a few days.

Picked her up on Wednesday morning and brought her home Saturday afternoon.(some of you know how awesome a lone teenager is when you have many little people:))

Would you believe I forgot to take pictures THE entire time! I KNOW!! The last day we did what all family's that have a fish geek in them do, we went to the fish geek family summer picnic:)
Chrs remembered the camera thankfully and this is the one and only picture I have of the lovely Kelly!
My kids love her, I love her and Chrs calls her "feisty"
She reminds me a little of me when I was 14 :-) Now to figure out when I can get her back.........
I didn't want to see her go.........sniffle sniffle sniffle..........


K J and the kids said...


As for Cars 2. We saw it. It was fine. Even my babies saw part of it (then fell asleep) it didn't keep their attention so much. My kids didn't say they thought it was scary when I asked them. They said they liked it fine. They haven't asked to see it again or buy it which they do when we see a new movie.

I don't know. You make the best decisions for your kids :)

Janet's page said...

I love you Karen:)
And if you were closer I'd be all over it, at church I have lots of fun neat super cool teens to borrow, after all my new status of "small group leader" has made me super cool and they all think I rock so my kids must too :)