Monday, May 23, 2011


It has become apparent to both myself and Chrs that we have become a bit to what I want in the scheme of things... With Chrs working the 2 jobs he puts in a LONG day everyday but Tues.(because I go to work) and that only leaves him about 3hrs of awake time with the kiddos and to much of that time has been spent doing things not child related. He is not the only guilty one either. Sooooo we talked and decided that unless it is absolutely necessary we will not be going on the computer when the children are awake and he wont be doing fish maintenance until they are in bed.... We also are making a conscious effort to do more family things vs. our usual pattern of I need to go do this and I'll take 1or 2 kids and then when I get home you can go do ____......

I already see a difference in both of our stress levels :) This would be the reason for such a long time from my previous post cuz you know they are always around and awake ;)

After all they only want to be with us for so long before we are banished to the house without them right... The way I see it we only have 4ish years with Isaac already!!!!!

Dad showing them how to polish the bikes after they received a good washing.
This picture is blurry but I DON'T CARE! Look how old this kiddo is getting...sigh
HOT goofy dog!
This is apparently what you do when you get home from an almost 4mile bike ride :)
You just gotta capture the non fighting moments, they are so precious and rare....

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