Friday, December 24, 2010


Tell me whats MORE fun than a sick kid..............................A mom who is once again in a bad way... I've begun to really feel back to my old self so last night I didn't take a final dose of Sudafed(you know the little red pill) and skipped the dose of Zyrtec that I've been taking for 2 weeks straight. I mean come on it's been 2weeks and that stuff ain't cheap. Not to mention I need some of it for the kiddo's!! Well that just lead to the start of a sore throat as I lay in bed to fall asleep and then a sleepless night from that and a little man who apparently thought sleep was over-rated......
It would seem that no amount of little red pills and warm salt water gargles will be fixing the problem and you know it's Christmas eve day and we have a Christmas eve dinner with my mom and sister and fam to celebrate tonight... I think this stinks! I do not recall in recent(past few years) me getting sick like this this often. I'm gonna blame it on the new school and all the "new" kids putting their stuff on my kids to bring home to me.
Hopefully **fingers crossed and praying** all this sickness for me will mean an immune couple of years!!
I feel like such a party pooper, not to mention useless!!!!

ANYWAY Merry Christmas to ya'll and happy new year! (in case I'm mia for the next week)


K J and the kids said...

OH NO !!!! Santa doesn't get sick.
Here's to you feeling better in the next hour.
Merry Christmas

Janet's page said...

Santa is so totally sick, it's all back, the pain, sinus pressure, a new awful sore throat and the tears..... I'm so tired of feeling like this, it's been so so so so so long!!!