Wednesday, September 22, 2010

missing something

I totally feel like I'm all of a sudden blessed with 2 working arms. I feel lost......

Ari went overnight with papa last night and wont be back until later this afternoon(after nap). Norah had a dentist apt today and I had planned to have a sitter so that I could go with in the room for her first cavity..... Well since papa is on vacation this week he offered to take the little monster (I mean angel) overnight. Everywhere I go today feels VERY STRANGE.. Honestly it's like I have been working with just one arm and all of a sudden I have the second one back, I don't know what to do with the freedom of movement :-)

As a matter of fact it works out PERFECTLY because today is the "fund racer" for school and they want parents to come and participate if they can, well up until last night I didn't think I'd be able to because of nap time........ NOW I can go and participate with both my kiddos and then even look around the school a little. I also want to check in on the 4th grade room to see what they are doing(still wondering about Isaac)
Off I go, talk at ya later :)


K J and the kids said...

Maybe put those arms down for a nap.

Janet's page said...

I wish :) I wasn't even home but for 45 minutes until after 7:30 last night!!