Monday, July 19, 2010


This morning was hot but not humid so I decided to give the ol run with the kids a try.....

I strapped kids into helmets to ride bikes and then a toddler with a box of raisins(to keep quiet and happy) into jogging stroller, hooked up big dog and off we went.....

Well by the time I got home my hair was so wet it looked like I had been in the shower/pool and it kicked my butt!!

NO I did not run the entire time, I couldn't, well maybe I could have had I had some music to listen to along with the whiny kids and the "go faster" mom from the seated toddler........

I can only imagine how terrible it looked to anyone watching, I'm sure I looked VERY pained, like I was trying not to vomit.. I'm sure of it ;-)

But it was good, I'll tell you that, real good!! I'm gonna do some strength video's here in a bit too,(the P90 variety) then I'll actually shower:)

Side note: I should be getting pictures today, woo hoo!!!!! Those of you who want some I will defiantly be printing off some and sending them out!!!

Now I must go see what the 2 naughty children are up to downstairs.... Yes they were told NOT to go do there but do they ever listen.......NEVER!!!!!!

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K J and the kids said...

That's just wrong. Hot and running do not go together.
Hot and ice-cream. Hot and swimming pool. pretty much hot and anything else besides physical activity (well except....) go together.