Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yesterday was Isaac's last day of school. Wow that went by fast.
Every year they have a commencement ceremony to celebrate all the academic achievements and to recognize all the kindergartner's and 6th graders for graduating on:)
Well let me tell you, my boy rocks!!! At one point I almost did a WOO HOO standing up with the touchdown arms up in the air!!!! Instead I teared up and clapped extra hard with a little woohoo...
He has received some variation of the Cum Laude award for academic excellence each quarter this year and last night he received the silver medal of Magna Cum Laude for academic excellence the entire year! AND then................. They give out for each grade 2-6, 1 award(trophy) for what they consider the most outstanding student of the year. Meaning: He or she shows great kindness towards others, morals, sportsmanship, respecting elders and peers, you get the idea... WELL my boy was the recipient of that trophy and that's where I did the whole almost thing :)

To me(us) that is the most important thing!! Sure academics are very important and book smarts do get you places but overall in life I want to raise outstanding people who know right from wrong, stand up for the little guy, treat all no matter how different with fairness and understanding, people who don't judge others just because they may choose to live their lives different than how we do, or look different or sound, different.......
AHHHHHHHHHH such pride I have for him, seeing the pride he has for himself........... It's gonna be a good day no matter how little sleep we got last night:)

My awesome beautiful niece..

Getting his medal, didn't get a pic of him getting his trophy, it happened so fast.

Just cuz he's so cute in his new $4. shirt and sweet new crocodile croc's:)


K J and the kids said...

That is absolutely AWESOME news. It made me want to jump up and down in my chair and cheer.
Thing is...he's got it all...he's smart and he's sweet. What a perfect combination.

Janet's page said...

I know, but you forgot freckles ;)