Monday, May 10, 2010


I have often wondered if in the past one of my bigger kids have had the croup. They start with a cough that's different than all you've heard from them before, maybe that's it you say to yourself..........I promise once you've heard it you WILL KNOW that that's what it sounds like. It's just one of those things, unlike anything I've ever heard............
Lets just say this past weekend had me as a mother of 3, freaked out(just a little) I did my best to not show it but none-the-less FREAKED out!! The little man has has this cold and after a few days he started with this cute sick little kid voice and then WHAM Saturday=no voice!! Seriously if he was hurt the only way you would know it was if you were looking at him, the "cry" was silent:(

and then last night(I went ahead and used his sisters inhaler on him both in the morning and evening thinking that if anything it would help break junk up so when he tried to cough it would be productive and the fact that he was having a harder time breathing)but I'm opening the kids doors like I do every night when I'm on my way to bed(gotta check on them) and I hear this sound WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!! That my friends was croup and the "bark" that accompanies it.. Doctor confirmed it and added a side dose of Stridor to boot. We are going to continue the inhaler because of the breathing trouble and he's starting to get his voice back and is able to cough with a little production to it :)