Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zoo time

Yesterday it worked out that I had the entire day (until getting Isaac from school) with the little man. So instead of doing the usual and hanging around the house we went to the zoo...

It was so incredibly nice to go with just him, for him to make all the directional decisions, all the decisions actaully. We did a lot of this

we also spent a ton of time in the "frog" room listening to the different frogs. He was also a big fan to the "car" that the zookeepers drove around and thought that it was indeed part of the zoo and as such he could sit in it, and even try to take it for a drive:)

It was easy to see that he's not used to being the solo kid. At one point a mom and dad said to their little men "ok, lets go boys" and Ari turns around and off he goes with them:)
Oh did I mention that when I pulled up there were 7 school buses in the lot...cringe..
He did indeed try to go with the many different groups of kids and it was fun to watch him......

The only time he was unhappy with things was when a chicken ate the grips that had fallen off him when he got out of the stroller and started eyein the stroller for more. I told Ari that he may jump up into the stroller to get what he left behind and Ari didn't think that was such a good plan and started telling the chicken "NO" over and over:)

said confrontation with chicken.

All in all we had an awesome time with each other. VERY peaceful, quiet and unrushed, just the way I like it!
*******Ahhhhh the life with just one, how quickly we forget how quiet and peaceful it was*******

Today we had Norah's first ever soccer game and Isaac's second game of the season and what a miserable cold, rainy time it was but what FUN to watch them play... I'll post pictures after I get warm and rested!!
Thanks papa for taking Isaac home with you