Sunday, April 18, 2010


Picture if you will soccer practice Thursday. It's awesome sunny and warm, kids are in shorts and t's sweating up a storm, kids and dad rode bikes to practice, I walked Onyx:)

Now picture if you will the first soccer game of the season, Saturday morning 8 stinkin 30am. Winter jackets, gloves, chairs, blankets, hats and snacks!!!

Only in stupid Michigan people, but what ya gonna do this is where the family is.........................

I think she actually had tears from the bitter January wind that was a blowing!

Seriously, people brought a tent for the next game to have the little people play in!


kathy said...

not only in was the same in pennsylvania for baseball! it's mroe fun when its warm and sunny........not freezing to death! i wish mother nature would make up her mind!!!!!!! here's to warm and sunny!

K J and the kids said...

and utah. We can wear winter coats in the morning and shorts by 3pm.
Next time bring a tent :)

Janet's page said...

Thanks ladies, makes me feel better:)